Dog Behaviour Solutions

Drummoyne Dog Behaviour and Training Specialists

Many dog owners opt to take their dog to a park or even send them away to a training facility when opting for behaviour training. However, training your dog in your own home has some huge advantages. At Palette Studio, we are able to successfully change problematic dog behaviours including barking, jumping up, pulling on lead and aggression in your dog.

Training Your Dog At Home

Our in-home dog behaviour and training solutions are successful, in part because the home environment is where they spend the largest proportion of their lives. It is also where the most effective contribution to change will occur because of this. It also works because owners trained in their own homes can effectively change or adjust their own behaviours, which may be contributing to those seen in their dogs. All of the things we consider to be negative are a result of action and reaction. Even though the focus is on the dog’s behaviour, the owner is ultimately the one who can make the changes and get success.

Why Choose Palette Studio For Your Dog? 

Owners choose dog behaviour and training services with Palette Studio because they know it works! Many desperate owners have come to our expert team for help, often after spending thousands of dollars on ineffective obedience or behaviour training with many dog trainers and behaviourists. With our dog behaviour services at Palette Studio, you will see results! 
Wanting to refresh your dog's current level of training? Or needing some professional help with problematic behaviour? Your dog can be professionally trained during their boarding period.
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