About Us

The Palette Studio Drummoyne Team

Palette Studio is a specialty service provider in Drummoyne for dog grooming, doggy daycare and quality dog products. At Palette Studio, we believe pets make us better people and that’s why we create special moments for every pet owner to show appreciation to their pet’s unconditional love and affections. We also provide the ultimate convenience with a pickup and drop off service to make your life easier.


Angelina has also won an award in Asia Pet Grooming Competition.
Professional working the dog grooming

Caring For Your Pet

Offering a range of dog grooming options from cut, wash, dry, de-shedding, nail trimming to flea treatment and more, we have your pet’s wellbeing covered. Our primary concern is your pet's safety, and we take pride in keeping the environment in tip top condition. This means that your pet can enjoy socialising with other four-legged friends, receiving the attention it needs from our dedicate d team or resting in a comfortable corner when required. We also provide a broad range of competitively priced pet food and pet products in the store to help you connect better with your best friends
To learn more about how we can care for your dog, call 02 9719 3635.
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